New Printable RESA Tape

07 December 2022

Premier Limpet are proud to launch their newest product, a printable, monoweave, reinforced self adhesive paper tape.

Tony Edwards, Managing Director says, “Our distributors have been looking for a printable reinforced self adhesive tape and until now they have been unable to source this. As part of our ongoing support to our distributors, we have used our expertise to supply a suitable product that can be printed up to four colours. We have carried out extensive trials at our in-house facilities and this product is now available to our distributors, exclusively from Premier Limpet.”

The new tape uses an aggressive hot melt adhesive providing an excellent tamper evident seal. The monoweave reinforcement offers additional security to packages. The tape is portable, easy to use and can be applied using a standard hand tape gun so no specialist or expensive equipment is required. The tape itself is 110mu paper based making it easy to recycle with the carton and is exempt from the Plastic Tax. This makes it a cost-effective alternative to water activated tape.

With the option of printing up to four colours on a ten-day turnaround, distributors can increase their customer’s brand presence whilst ensuring their packages are secure in transit.

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