Our aim is to provide a quote as quickly as we can. Use the checklist below to confirm you have all the details required. 


Our in-house artwork studio will bring your thoughts and ideas to life, designed from scratch or using a graphics file you provide. Your artwork proof will be returned for approval within 24 hours. Logos or artwork can be submitted in the following formats; • Outline PDF • Illustrator • Vector file

Unwind Direction

Choose from one of four unwind directions;

Material & Adhesive Type

Select from a range of adhesives that best suit your requirements. Options include, solvent, hot melt or water-based acrylics, available in high tack for the more demanding applications. Low tack and removeable versions, when clean removal of the tape is essential.

Base Colour of Tape

Available in white, buff or clear as standard. Choose a distinctive base by flood coating the tape with one of thousands of vibrant colours available from the pantone range.

Colours to be Printed

Select from one of our standard 28 colours, or stand out from the crowd by utilising one of the many colours available in the pantone range.

Width & Length

Standard widths from 9mm up to 144mm

Standard lengths 66m up to 1056m

Need a bespoke size? Please get in touch with our sales team.

Core Size

We have a range of four sizes (Internal diameter) of cores to pick from, 76mm, 50mm, 38mm or 25mm. Smaller cores enable the rolls of tape to be longer, increasing operational efficiency, a reduction in your packaging waste obligation and lower cost per meter.

Annual Quantity

Clarifying your customers annual requirements helps us to optimise the supply of tape. The size of our production run influences the price per roll. Bulk, scheduled or call off orders increase the flexibility our distributors can offer their customers, building a supply solution around their specific requirements.

Preferred Delivery Quantity

We have the flexibility of delivering to our distribution partners or direct to their customers for the quantities they ideally require, keeping the cash and space tied up in holding stock to a minimum. Deliveries start from as little as 72 rolls for a roll of 48mm x 66m. The sky's the limit in the upper volumes required.